Tuesday, 19 August 2008

More Pictures

And then it occurs to me that Dual Core only makes sense when you see it against the original, so here are some pastel pics from The Lovers.

Dual Core

And now the other half of the thing. A complete reskin of The Lovers. Exactly the same game, but skinned differently. If I were a Social Scientist and knew anything about questionnaires etc. I would have some questions to ask about whether the experience of what people call gameplay differs substantially as a result. Mind you, you have to get a compelling game together first.

Dual Core at YoYo

Both games/versions should be sitting in the Box.net widget off to the right as well.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


Back again, with working grinding away since Monday. All the sensible things -- preparing for next year, catching up on email, responding to requests (although I am still gutted that the one to contribute to Al-Jazeera came the day I was setting off for France) both sane and less so. Time to clear the cupboard of toys:

The Lovers

PC only, a play around with some platform mechanics -- two characters in the same space who cannot connect. I am moderately pleased with it. As ever, this is no more serious than the doodles that cover my notes in meetings. The serious business of my research (and writing) goes on in the background, currently helped by the Chinese faking the fireworks at the Olympics...