Saturday, 11 December 2010

Walk with Jack


So, this took two hours to build a prototype that remains almost unchanged from what I released, but took a while to polish in the wee small hours where I should have been doing something more productive.

I am never sure if my little games are really experimental games -- they are not often concerned with testing a hypothesis, but more explorations of ideas in interaction, but this one related to a problem -- if you put a game on iPhone the finger gets in the way when you interact. The solution means that this game is best described through its mechanic -- 'What you can't see can't hurt you'. It made the Jay is Games Weekend Download last week, and has picked up some positive comments (and about 800 plays in just over a week, which is pretty good for me, if miniscule by internet standards)

It also relates to the act of seeing in games, that I have written about from an academic point of view, and is a game I had planned to make for a while now. Oddly enough the variant I am playing with at the moment, which is a mini adventure of stitched together scenes, is closer to the original intention, which owed a lot to Mr McGoo.

Anyway, a 13.4 Mb download for the original at either Gamejolt or YoYo