Thursday, 26 July 2007

Amazon quite bright but also quite dumb

Well it cheered me up after a day spent technically on leave but really on catch-up of that bit of the job that isn't about students and quality assurance regulations and recruitment.

At this rate I may actually get some research done soon, and even some new writing... Not exactly a real holiday, but it might restore some sanity.

Oh, and the last book is almost out after a period of gestation that I am sure has tested the patience of the contributors. Available on pre-order from all good booksellers.


Catherine said...

Ah thats good, I got an email from Amazon about your new book, nicely telling me I could pre-order it at 50 quid, which I could see was the hard cover. At least now I know theres a cheaper softback coming out too ^__^ suppose I should have been clever and actually looked on amazon about it when I found out.

Barry Atkins said...

Yep - even I would see £50 as a bit steep, although it is full of words of wisdom etc. etc. And the best bits are not mine, I think, but belong to the other contributors.