Friday, 10 August 2007

Reminder: I know that I know nothing

I just blew up a floor sander in the most dramatic way. Sheared bolts and everything. Ooops. At least this computer is less likely to explode, although I built it myself, so there is always a possibility that it might.

A comment on one of those sites that are redistributing SCMIV said that it wasn’t just another Sokoban clone. Hmm, I thought and looked up Sokoban (there is an academic page here). And then following links I looked at Chip’s Challenge. So I could have used either to illustrate what I wanted to say about basic spatial construction in games without having to knock my own up. I am constantly hit by my ignorance of games, despite having my head stuck into them for a long time and to an almost worrying degree. Ah well, I wasn’t trying to do anything particularly original, but it is interesting to see how the designers of those games made a virtue out of the problem of ‘boxing in’ that I addressed through a control system that seems to irritate its players. I live and learn.


Dr Blight said...

I find it disturbing that someone in your line of work had not heard of Sokoban or Chip's Challenge. Disturbing to the extent of seriously questioning the calibre of gaming academe.

But hey, I'm a scientist, so the fact that my default position isn't arrogant rejection of critical theory in its entirety is something of a miracle I suppose.

Keep up the work.

Barry Atkins said...

I take your point, but I wouldn't take me as some kind of index of games academics. I suppose I have an individual knowledge base which is quite particular and specific that i am always trying to broaden. It still has some rather large holes, but I am working on it.

But yep, I should have known about those games because they have canonical status. My bad.