Sunday, 15 June 2008


Spent yesterday at Nottingham Trent University at PKDD2 -- a Philip K Dick day, where I had a thoroughly pleasant day in the presence of academics and PKD enthusiasts. And academics who are PKD enthusiastslike myself, of course. People seemed a little keener to see Dick as prophetic than I would personally allow, but it was pleasant. As an Eng Lit apostate it felt good to see displays of books and people talking with passion about books. Something new to me was the palmer Eldritch blog, and particularly the 'Which PKD story are we in today' bit. Intriguing.

In other news, my children sqeal with delight as we play through the Lego Indiana Jones, claiming that the Indy in the college sections looks just like Daddy. I am secretly pleased.

Like Indy I am now getting long in the tooth, however, and it must be that (and not the dodgy camera) that means that I plunge to my doom so often from platforms that I KNOW I shouldbe able to reach.

For Father's Day I got given a 'Let the Wookie Win' Lego Star Wars T-shirt, a set of Obi Wan Kenobi nesting dolls and a vague sense that I should grow up. God bless Hallmark holidays.

Am left pondering the relationship between Assassin's Creed and PKD, of all things, after my talk at NTU.

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