Monday, 3 November 2008

Radio 4 -- Your Source for all things Videogame

Another astute writer on games, James Newman (go buy Videogames before getting hold of More than a Game and Videogame, Player, Text) has just been speaking about Little Big Planet on Radio 4. I am very impressed, not just by his assured performance, but by Radio 4 (once more) acknowledging the existence of games. On a culture show. It makes me proud to be middle class and British. Although I have my own 'I am working class really' story I am a Radio 4 junkie, which is about as establishment as things get nowadays. Anyway, I was talking to my students only a couple of days ago about the shifting of attitudes towards games as signalled in part by the appearance of what amounted to Nintendo advertisements on ITV and Channel 4 news with Shigeru Miyamoto waving his Wii Music baton about, and this seems to me to be another step towards the normalisation of games in the media. A small step, and a long way to go, but promising.

Hmmm, must make dinner rather than blog, so links to be added later.

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