Saturday, 2 July 2011

1500 plays

Vexed Hedgehogs has 1500 plays at GameJolt. For me, this makes it far more successful than anything else I have made. A couple of my games have clocked over 1000 plays before, but this shows what you can achieve when you replace originality with cloning. Oh.

Mind you, chatting to a proper game developer the other day as he got his 1,000,000 th player for his commercial title keeps things in perspective.

The other joy is reading reviews in Russian, Italian and Czech where the fact that it relies on linguistic jokes that don't translate easily (sorry) means that it has been received as a fairly serious clone of Angry Birds. Oh dear.


Pierrec said...

Yeah...that's a good news.
But I'm a bit disapointed. Vexed Hedgehod is pretty cool but...some of your other games are so much better.

Too bad that cloning pay more than originality.

Barry Atkins said...

To tell the truth I am glad I do this for relaxation, rather than a living, as I think the underlying lesson about what people want to play is generally depressing. Mind you, my games lack polish and the audio is generally terrible, so I don't exactly make it easy for people to like the more experimental games.

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